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November 6th

Where did October go?

Work is the answer. Sorry for the lack of diary entries. But Brides needed dresses - Fairytale Princess & Medieval Maiden dresses.


My last blue gown of the year was made of pale tulle over ivory crepe, so it had the appearance of a blue shimmer around the edges of the silhouette. A sweeping soft skirt that puddled into a train, draped corset, long medieval sleeves & a romantic hood. The sleeves & cape like hood were made in just the tulle & both these & areas of the skirt & corset were decorated with tiny Swarovski crystals. Elaine looked stunning - like Galadriel & I'm looking forward to seeing the photos (my showroom made for a very strong, unattractive colour contrast with this dress & I can't wait to see it in it's element - late Summer countryside settings, old country church & natural daylight.) Elaine told me she loved wearing it & cried when she had to take it off.



That was October's Fairytale Princess. Kitty (October's Medieval Maiden) got married the day before Elaine & I was there at The Dairy, Waddesdon Manor as a guest to see her get married. For two wildlife photographers, the setting could not have been more perfect. The dairy is a replica of Marie Antoinette's dairy in Versailles & the room Kitty & Ken got married in had windows overlooking the lake outside & a glass roof (heaven knows how anyone would hear the vows if it were to rain heavily). It had stone urns & unusual garden style features that looked stunning dressed with Kittys choice of flowers. Outside were pretty jettys(?) that jutted out into the lake. They were open on all sides & had roofs. The low walls were topped with long cushions where guests sat drinking champers & eating delicious canapes. When it came to eat, the food was absolutely superb - delicious. The Dairy, Waddesdon Manor is a relatively simple setting for a wedding but incredibly private & tranquil & celebrates nature. Not everybody's cup of tea no doubt but so much more interesting than when I've seen it advertised in wedding venue guides. A gem.
A very radient Kitty wore an unusual shade of red & a golden cream that had a peachy tone. A cream that was sooooo difficult to match her chiffon underskirt & sleeves & underskirt lining too. But in the end & after scrutinising many fabric swatch combinations I managed it & the perserverance paid off in the end result:


Jeff Walker 2007                                                      Jeff Walker 2007

Jeff Walker 2007

These beautiful photos are courtesy of photographer Jeff Walker. My photos of Kitty can be found in the Real Brides section.

Kitty's embroidery was embroidered up for me to our design (a design I elaborated on from Kitty's doodle - the dooddle she often draws) by a company in London. The embroidery was in cream thread on the red silk which formed striking panels in a medieval/celtic inspired corset. Kitty's design also featured a silk 3/4 overskirt trimmed with red over a full chiffon underskirt & very delicate chiffon sleeves. She wore an Andrew Prince tiara & her Mother made her a matching silk tulle veil.



In September's diary I mentioned my trip to the embroiderers:

"I went into central London to pick up some embroidery I'd commissioned for a client yesterday. I was given a tour of the workrooms & saw a dress they're beading up for Kate Moss in production - it's for quite a high profile thing & when/if I see it in the press I'll let you know. I can say I touched a corner of the fabric albeit it's a bit that will end up on the cutting room floor."

The dress in question, it turns out, was made for the Swarovski Fashion Rocks event for the Princes Trust & got a lot of press. The dress I saw was subsequently auctioned off on Ebay for charity. Valued at 40,000 (the cost to have had it beaded would have been costly but nothing near this figure so the majority of the estimate must have come form Kate having worn / 'designed' it) - the dress sold for 5,100.

Still Top Shop produced a limited edition of 500 dresses that resembled it with a RRP 250 So the knock on effect: Kate Moss + lots of press for the original + the press for the charity auction will see Top Shop's charity donation effectively earn the company 125,000 if they all sell. And of course you can pick up the limited edition dresses for quite a bit more than 250 on Ebay now.

Trivia: The sage green silk tulle dress was backed with organza because the tulle alone wouldn't take the weight of the crystals.



November 12th


A couple of weeks ago I had a couple of hair accessory inspiration days fueled by some inspiring floral finds I'd uncovered at a supplier. The results were a) a sofa covered in glitter & b) some rather nice hair combs/facinators & other hair accessories. All these are effectivley one offs - nothing can be repeated exactly with exception of the floral & crystal dangle pins which will be avaliable to order once the ones I have made up have sold.


In addition all these pieces are ready to post out so ideal if needed quickly:



Large hair comb.

Delicate creamy blossoms tinted with irridescent glitter, irridescent pale green butterfly & Swarovski crystals worked onto a wide hair comb.

Would look fabulous worn down the right hand side of a french pleat or loose up do or along the base of an up do.

This is elegant & very pretty with lots of shimmer.

Price: + P&P



Hair sicks & pins - 6 piece set.

Delicate creamy blossoms tinted with irridescent glitter combined with ivory feathers & crystals to create a set of 3 hair sticks & 3 hair grips.

Ideal for decorating hair piled up in loose curls.

 Price: + P&P



Large hair comb.

Warm ivory roses tinged with irridescent glitter for added sparkle. Combined with ivory feathers, irridescent green foliage & sprays of Swarovski crystals to form a large hair comb/facinator.

Would look fabulous worn down the right hand side of a french pleat or loose up do or along the base of an up do.

Chic & dramatic- a real statement for those not wanting a tiara but still want something with wow factor.

Price: + P&P



Left: Floral & crystal dangle pins.

The same pretty blossoms reworked into little sparklers by giving the blooms irridescent & crystal centres. These have to be seen in hair to truley appreciate how lovely they are. Each pin combines different combinations of dangling crystal blooms with dangling crystals on hair pins which when pined into long flowing curls move with you.

These pins are fresh, pretty, simple & understated but give the required Va Va Voom to tumbling locks or loose pretty up dos.

Alternativley: Buy these for bridesmaids if you have your eye on one of the combs so they match you or to combine with the small comb shown on the right here or the sticks/pins shown in the second set of images.

Price: 18 for a set of 3 + P&P

Price: 25 for a set of 5 + P&P

NB: 3 x 3 sets in stock. There will be a short wait if larger numbers are required.

I would suggest 9 pins (3 sets of 3) to decorate long hair. Buy one set or any combination of 3 & 5 sets to make up the number you require for one person or to decorate the hair of several bridesmaids:

3 pins = 1set of 3

5 pins = 1 set of 5

6 pins = 2 sets of 3

8 pins = 1 set of 3 & 1 set of 5

9 pins = 3 sets of 3

10 pins = 2 sets of 5

11 pins = 2 sets of 3, 1 set of 5

12 pins = 4 sets of 3

13 pins = 2 sets of 5, 1 set of 3

15 pins = 3 sets of 5

18 pins = 3 sets of 3, 1 set of 3

20 pins = 4 sets of 5

Special orders can be taken on these to give them subtle hints of pink, peach, green, coffee, blue, etc. & to use alternative colour crystals.



Right: Small butterfly & blossom hair comb.

Like the dangle pins these blooms have the irridescent & crystal centres too. With sprays of Swarovski crystal & a small irridescent green butterfly.

A very simple understated piece ideal for a bride who just wants a little something or for a bridesmaid.

Ideal for decorating one side of an up do perhaps with a set of dangle pins to wear elsewhere in your hair style.

Price: + P&P





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