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28th May 2007~

Let there be lace.

Firstly hello diary, oh how I've missed you - lots to talk about & vent about but commissions have kept me away.


Chantal's May on the whole was the month for gown commissions in lovely soft powdery colours, appliquéd lace & beadwork.


Ukachi married on the 5th in a powdery blue/grey crepe & silver lace cape.


Gillian jetted off to get married in Florence, Italy on the 27th with a corset of buttermilk devore velvet trimmed with duchess satin piping & matching crepe fishtail and Catriona wore a soft, mushy pink crepe corset embellished with lace & beads & teamed with a matching crepe fishtail for her wedding on the 25th.


I always enjoy creating new designs & Ukachi's butterfly was exciting to see come to life & pleasurable to work on.

A mixture of lace, beads, pearls, crystals & embroidery threads the butterfly was handworked onto a base of draped tulle which took days to create but it's lovely to sit quietly beading life into something like this. Catriona's was also beaded to breath life into the gorgeous hand painted lace which was complemented with curves & swirls of heavy pearl beadwork.






Ukachi's lace butterfly details above, Catriona's lace & beadwork below:





Who'd live in a house like this?




About a month ago we were driving past a 17th century farm house on the outskirts of a town near us & spotted three different estate agents signs advertising it for sale. It’s an attractive place with some nice old features & in curiousity we logged on to Rightmove to see what it was going for & were a little confused by the price tag. 1.5 million! Now I should explain- this house is nice, not outrageously big, on the main road opposite very normal houses. It’s looking a little shabby, rubbish in the garden but boasts security gates & security cameras which do seem a little OTT until you peruse the properties particulars. And OMG!!!! What must the agents have thought when they entered a Moroccan palace complete with 33’ long drawing room that reminds me of a ballroom like those you’d imagine were used in Pride & Prejudice only this would be The Bennetts do Marocco & Darcy is a rich Sheik! Then you wonder who on earth would be crazy enough to wreck a 17th century farm house by stamping a style on the building so far removed from it’s roots & which could hardly be described as good taste.


We wondered what on earth it had been used for & the best & most plausible answer, which also explained the extra security, was a high end house of ill repute catering for wealthy gentlemen that hail from parts of the world that enjoy their massages, etc. in rather loud & gaudy surroundings.




Not so! One nose on Google later, the owner’s name appeared on a planning application online & upon Googling him, we are fairly certain the owner is a footballer that hails from Morocco.


So who would live in a house like this?


The answer: one young, loaded, home sick footballer with more money than sense whose now stuck with a house whose interior is going to appeal to one in about 1.5 million & he better hope that person has 1.5 million to spend or maybe the agents should be targeting whoever the current Cynthia Payne is these days.




Vent of the year! 


I've been Bridal Chalet'd  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A little peak at the problem:




Damn theiving Americans, Canadians or Chinese? So far the research suggests Chinese but whoever they are, if you have any info on Bridal Chalet, please let me know! They have lifted my image from my site, REMOVED the copyright stamps & are offering my design for sale via mail order. To those tempted, a word to the wise, the Canadian address is a PO Box, the US address almost certainly a mail forwarding centre with various unscrupulous companies using the same address (just Google 1133 Broadway, Suite 706) & the web site's owners are in China which is probably where these, paint it whatever way you like, I view these as 'copies' are being made. It is totally ilegal to use copyrighted images without consent on another site, on another comercial site for comercial gain? Even worse! - strike 1. Using my site for this purpose breached my Terms & Conditions - strike 2 & offering my design for sale breaches my design copyright - strike 3!


Two very lovely, concerned ladies have tipped me off about this site's illegal use of my image in the past few weeks, one lady even contacted the site with her concerns that my copyright was being breached - guess what? They didn't care to reply about that.


I can't imagine what an 'inspired by dress' of Damsel would look like but you can bet it wont have an 18th century corset, won't have the volume in the skirts, probably won't have a good version of this sleeve & definitley won't look or fit remotely like my dress.


Gail Young is the site's co-founder, she has an article posted on several online wedding sites & I quote:


"Where to Look

Magazines are the traditional way a bride begins her gown search, but why not look for a gown online? Most designers now have webpages, and a collection of name gowns can be found on a number of websites. And if you're wondering, "Will the gown of my dreams fit me right?" there's help to be found on a multitude of websites which determine your body type and then suggest the dress type that is best for your figure."


To the reference re: designers having collections online, I'll say - well she'd know! Amongst the images she shows on her site are Reem Acra's, Hollywood Dream's & Anne Barge's, Toi Couture's is scanned from a magazine.......................... my image lifted from my site.............................

The site where I found her article gives a short bio:


"Gail Young is a co-founder of The Bridal Chalet, an online bridal boutique selling designer style couture and traditional wedding gowns and bridal accessories. A second time bride herself, Gail combines her extensive knowledge of the industry with her passion for designing couture bridal fashion. The Bridal Chalet has a collection of exclusive designer wedding gowns geared to the second time bride--the Sara Houston Collection. Visit her website at:".


The Sara Houston collection is half a dozen gowns the rest of the gowns are other designer's gowns & she is using other designer's own images of their gowns to sell her 'inspired bys / Chinese?copies'. She clearly does not have the design flare to make her Sara Houston label into a viable business and instead chooses to make money leaching off designers like me. Gail Young can say 'inspired by, with a few changes'. I say lady you use my image to sell my gown to someone, you're copying me, you are stealing my intellectual property, breaching my ownership of the copyright of my image by using it on your site. I intend to find out where you are & take legal action against you.  Any other designers reading this, who also have their work on her site please feel fee to contact me.

So who is Gail Young? Where is Gail Young? Does she pick her mail up from:

1300 King Street East, P.O. Box 31103  Kingsway Village Postal Stn., Oshawa, ON. Canada  L1H 8N9?

Is she in Canada? In which case, can any Canadian based readers reading this shed some light? Do you have a local telephone directory for instance? Any help in tracking down Ms. Young would be greatly appreciated.




Most designers do not have diaries like this in order to have their say about copyright, about I am lucky in that I do & that this diary will inform would be buyers that the dresses they are looking at are not coming from those designers whose photos & dresses they recognise & are, in all probability, coming from China. And Gail Young? Who knows & we'll find out in time, how easy it is to track her down. How easy would it be to get money back when the dress turns out not to look like the Reem Acra a bride tried on in a store & ordered from Gail based on Reem Acra's photo? She can call the my photo reference only & allude to there being small changes on their version but we all know it's the visual that will sell dress BG001148 & that visual is my design, my photo. If you are not selling my dress Gail Young / Bridalchalet, don't use my photo. Copying does not flatter me, it offends me.


Here, for now, endeth the rant.



What else? Oh yes 2007 is now all booked out. Now taking commissions for 2008.

On a personal note. Still all loved up though I haven't seen him as much as I'd like lately due to my workload. Still, he visits me in the workroom when he can after work & we've taken a couple of long weekends when I've been getting clients ready on the day & am staying away. Places beginning with 'C', as it turns out this month: Croydon (Ukachi / Dulwich College) where we saw, (can you believe it?) two young girls in their PJ's, long hair flowing, playing in the corridors and lobby of the Jury's Inn Croydon by themselves, right near the exit doors, just days after Maddy was snatched. Their parents? In the bar while their children wonder the halls of a hotel! This, at 11pm on a Saturday night. It was left to the staff of the hotel to return the kids to their rooms.  


And Chelmsford for Catriona's wedding at Leez Priory.


Glad we came back Saturday night as this holiday weekend was a wash out on both Sunday & Monday. I had planned & did cook homemade lasagne for my better half , my parents and I  at my parent's house on Sunday (they have a Neff, I covert the Neff, the all singing all dancing cooker which is wasted on my technophobe Mother). The Neff, Sky, the corner bath & my cat are the things I am most likley to leave my boyfreind for & go back home (he knows it which is why I am the subject of much love & affection). That evening upon realizing the dishes we were using wouldn't both fit in the cooker we sent my other half home to our place for my lasagne dish. 5 minutes later, poof goes the power in our village, just as I'm mixing the cream into the béchamel sauce. But my mobile's dead, my Dad's mobile is somewhere in the dark, we only have one landline handset that works when the power is out & we have to find that in order to call my Dad's mobile because I can't remember my boyfriend’s mobile number & it's in Dad's mobile. So there we are mobile hunting by candle light. The mobile is eventually located in Dad's car & we call my love to check on power over there. The man from the village 10 minutes away, he say yes, he says 'I'll warm the oven & put the heating on', see you all & the lasagne in a bit. I then layered the lasagne up by candle & torchlight - we three thought it was funny. Dad, who we call Eeyore, remained unimpressed with our situation, the weather & the power company but did describe the lasagne as 'very good', a shockingly favourable response given his 'stressful' evening ;) Where was his stress? I was the one layering sauces, mozzerella & sheets of pasta under blitz conditions!








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