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4 July 2006 ~

One of my clients flew in from the Channel Islands today & caught the train up from Gatwick for pick up.

It has been sweltering here in the South East for days now & my workroom is unpleasantly hot - those that know me, know how much I dislike the heat & for pick up today we kept some of the lights off, the front door open & the fan on & then we packed up the dress for my client to take back to the airport & set out for the train station.

The traffic was bad & as we were making our way, slowly, towards the staion the sky went very grey & lightning started dancing across the sky. Then the rain started to fall & just as I pulled up outside & no sooner had I switched off the engine, then the skies opened! We sat there incredulous as we were pelted in what, lets face it, is a metal box while strong sideways winds, pelted the hell out of us with quite big hailstones!!!!!! Plus there was the lashing rain pooling on the ground & we found ourselves sitting there completely bemused, laughing at the predicament we found ourselves in, the suitable footwear she'd warn to pick up (well beaded flip flops had seemed appropriate for a very hot, DRY day) & wondering just how impervious plastic garment bags are to very wet rain showing no sign of letting up! Eventually it did let up a bit so I could see to drive & I nipped into the taxi bit nearest the door & we rushed the dress in to the dry of the station (well I say dry & it was, bar the 2 inches of water we were stood in).


I then drove back to my workroom through a lovely flash flood that was about a foot deep & my client caught a flood delayed train bound for Gatwick with the knock on effect that meant she missed her flight & had to get another ticket & catch a later one. The dress made it to Jersey without getting wet but my client's flip flops fell casualty to the storm & had to be thrown out.

I can't remember a storm like that & have to say it was an incredibly surreal experience.

9 July 2006 ~

I have just come back from a long weekend in Jersey after attending one of my client's, Lisa's wedding. It rained for half of the Friday, my 'see Jersey day' & was overcast on Sunday when I left but we were very lucky & Saturday was gorgeous as too was the location: St. Brelades Church, overlooking St. Brelades bay.

Lisa's stunning red hair made either green, burnt oranges & rusts or rich golds the most suitable colours for her colouring & a golden green particularly suited her theme - butterflies & enchanted, fairytale gardens. Her guests loved how she looked & not only was lisa's head swimming with complements on the day, so was mine - so many people either sought me out to enthuse about how wonderful Lisa looked in her dress or enthused about the dress to me without realising I was Lisa's designer. Even her lady Reverend got in on the act- one always wonders how clergy might feel about coloured wedding dresses & heaving bosoms in church but judging by her exited reaction upon Lisa's arrival & the enthusiastic complements her dress received when the Reverend left the church after the ceremony, the look seems to get a big thumbs up.

I had a lovely, if tiring, break having spent Thursday evening out to dinner with the bride & groom & their friends & family, Friday cruising the sights of the island on the nice dry tourist bus & spending a good few hours in the fascinating but slightly creepy German war tunnels & Saturday at a great wedding held in some very nice settings in the company of a lovely & warm set of people.  Lisa, her bridesmaid Keri & I had gelled really well but I was still really touched that Lisa & her family were so welcoming & so happy to ferry me around & to & from the hotel & airport & if anybody whom this statement applies to, reads this...... Thank you.


Lisa & Paul's Wedding Day - Saturday 8th July 2006, St. Brelades Church, Jersey:

Ironically & echoing Lisa's trip back to Jersey, when I flew out to Jersey from Coventry on the 6th, flash floods in Coventry brought the traffic heading towards the town centre to it's knees & meant I nearly missed my flight! 30 minutes to crawl 4 miles.





Did you know you can buy such a thing as an Anti-Blister product?

Whilst on my see Jersey day, having dared to go to dinner wearing anything other that trainers, I went to Boots Friday afternoon in search of plasters for my resulting blister. Boots have a 3 for 2 currently on Compeed products & as well as blister plasters which I can vouch for being really good, they have an anti-blister product. I'd never heard of this & as yet, haven't tried the one I bought but with weddings in mind an anti-blister product sounds like a small but welcome miracle.
So to recap, that was Compeed Anti-Blister you can look it up on Boot's website under Compeed & here's the blurb:
"Compeed Anti-Blister Stick invisibly helps prevent blisters and chafing and instantly reduces rubbing from shoes.

Its natural based lubricating formula:  Instantly reduces rubbing on skin, is invisible so is ideal for open shoes, is easy to apply"



16 July 2006 ~

10,000 Royal Ball Gowns.

Princess Beatrice had an 1888 Royal Masked Ball to celebrate her birthday, with herself, her sister & Mother all wearing gowns costing 10,000 a piece which were flown in from where they were commissioned in New York.

It seems they forgot to ask that the bespoke designs be designed to flatter their figures or look like they cost anything like the amount paid for them. Beatrice's Marchesa dress is described as 'stunning' in the Daily Mail & one wonders whether as they are Royals, the Daily Mail has taken an 'Emperors New Clothes' view of their ensembles. I'm sure if anyone else had stepped out in these gowns, they would be making the worst dressed lists.

Before embracing duchess satin, apron fronts & deep bands of detailing around one's waist, it certainly would have paid the Duchess to have looked this side of the pond first.

Daily Mail Article. 


18 July 2006 ~

2007 Weddings:

Due to the Couture nature of my work, I create a limited amount of Bridal & Special Occaion Gowns a year - approximatly one per month.
Currently I already have a number of Bridal Gown commissions booked in for Summer/Autumn 2007, with slots to make the 2007 gowns so far assigned from late Spring onwards. With this in mind, I highly recommend booking a consultation for my next avaliable appointment block:
August Bank Holiday Weekend
As I  have a very heavy 2006 workload, this Summer I am allocating a few days every month or so to conduct a number of consultations at one time, to limit the amount of time I spend out of my workroom.
Each 3 hour consultation is with myself & the next consultation block planned is for August Bank Holiday Weekend, 26th - 28th August 2006.
If you are interested in attending a consultaion for your 2007 wedding gown this August, please contact me, Chantal on: 01296 661296 (office hours) or by emailing me.

26 July 2006
One of my ex-clients Kerry is involved in this great online art project which aims to raise millions for well know charities. All you have to do is:
  • Sign up,
  • Select a charity,
  • Donate at least 3.50
  • Create an artwork online to add to the giant artwork

So ladies. What are you going to do today?

  • Indulge your artistic talent (discover it or laugh at the lack of it),
  • Give to charity,
  • Give yourself a pat on the back,
  • Tell your freinds about it.

Here's mine: 











Here's the link to the Charities the site supports:



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