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5 December 2006 ~


O.K. So it was really cold, wet & blowy last night &  it's 20 days until Christmas, so I am feeling the urge to decorate my diary with the kind of Christmas GIFs I wouldn't dream of sticking elsewhere on the site. Actually, I felt the urge last month but resisted. This is my kitsch vs classy taste, rearing it's ugly head, so in the diary (for the month of December only one hopes) Kitsch wins.

Truth be told, I thought decorating the diary might help but I am just not 'feeling' Christmas, probably down to the fact that certain Christmas paraphernalia hit the shops

in September & you really have to be in the right mood for Christmas music - which I only just managed to stomach yesterday when my boyfriend called me from the services on the M1 & they had some awful Christmas hit blasting through the place, the name of which escapes me right now & if I have my way, it will stay that way or I'll be humming it for the rest of the day.


2007 Gown Commissions.

Now that it is December & '07 is fast approaching, I might as well turn my attention to 2007 gown commissions & update the diary status, which is basically that I am fully booked for the first 3/4's of the year (2007). If you are an Autumn/Winter '07 bride & would like a gown consultation, I would suggest you get in touch sooner rather than later.


Consultation deposits (refundable):

In line with the problems I have been facing with non-attendance of consultation's & after considering all my options & the feedback from diary readers via my survey & my clients, I have decided to charge a 50 deposit for consultations.


A 50 deposit will be required in advance (via cheque or to secure Chantal Mallett's time when booking a gown consultation. Chantal assigns bridal gown consultations 4 hour time blocks & offers very flexible appointment times, so the deposit has been introduced to help reduce the amount of time wasted waiting on clients who choose neither to cancel or attend & so that customers who do wish to attend continue to enjoy the benefits of such flexible appointment times.

The deposit is required to guarantee the client attend the appointment or cancel 24 hours or more in advance of the appointment.

Providing the criteria above are met, the client's deposit will be refunded in full regardless of whether the client books Chantal Mallett's services.

If a client fails to cancel an appointment 24 hours or more in advance or does not attend their appointment, they will forfeit their deposit.

This consultation fee will be applied to all Gown consultations from 1st December 2006.

I would have preferred to have kept the status quo & carried on trusting that ladies that booked consultations would honour their commitments but it has become all to apparent that a number of ladies do not feel the need to cancel appointments (see October diary) or to follow up non attendance with any explanation for their absence. If I had a shop & had 9-5 opening hours, non-attendance would not be such a problem but it is explained on my confirmation emails I send out to ladies whom have booked appointments that I am not a shop & may be opening up especially to see them & this year I can count Sundays & a holiday Monday among those appointments which were simply no shows.

It is my experience that the majority of clientele do not fall into the above category & I hope potential clientele will not be put off by the introduction of a deposit & accept, albeit with a sigh, that in this day & age it has come to this.


As an interesting aside: accessory appointments have a far higher attendance rate & I am still deciding whether it is necessary to introduce a deposit for accessories.



For those that fancy spending five on a survey, here's one I'd love you to do:

Chantal Mallett's Main Survey.



Christams shopping:

For the artisically inclined, you can give yourself a little something too (a snip at 3.50), have some fun (or pull your hair out if you're a perfectionist like me) & raise money for charity by supporting the

And, whilst your at it, give it a mention to your friends & family in your Christmas cards / ecards.


Personally I hate the christmas crush & will be doing all I can to avoid christmas shoppers, so will be hitting the internet as much as poss. My favs: - hair, beauty, you name it! - love the new site (but *warning* will cause pain in pocket).  - lots of ideas for techi gifts for girls. - who have the silliest things I found myself coverting (good job the're sold out & yay! - knitted cakes may be wierd but I'm not the only one that had the 'want' sign flick into their heads when I saw them on their homepage):



LET THEM EAT CAKE - knit them, illustrate them, cut & serve them at your wedding......


Googling 'knitted cakes' is surprisingly fruitful! This site have them (the question is, now I know they're out there, how will I resist the utterly pointless but fab tat? These dust gatherers are sooo not just for Christmas:

Splat Cooking


And whilst on the subject of kitsch cakes (& what else can you call a knitted cake?), I have been a fan of Andrea Kett's fun, saucy & tounge in cheek cards for ions & have a naughty habit of collecting them on the odd occassion a gift shop has the good taste to stock them. Among my favs are her 'fairy cakes' (see above), which have to be seen to be believed!

Not everyone's taste granted, please choose carefully who you give them too (if you can bare to part with them) & if you don't have a gift shop with the good sence to stock them, you can view & buy them from Art-is-a-tart:

You will also find Andrea's wedding card range on the site too.

And looking at my biker faries again, I am feeling the urge to hit Paperchase for the fushia pink, Rococo frames they have in store at the mo to perfectly display them ;) has Andrea's Christmas card range:

And........................ & I think this is the first wedding related comment this month, talking of Cakes - congratulations to Rachel (Rachel Mount) who is a fellow wedding industry supplier & designer of the only novelty cakes I would consider for my wedding cake (novelty cakes normally leave me cold).

Rachel made Vogue's 90th Birthday cake & has a gorgeous page in their anniversary issue (Dec '06). Rachel creates wedding cakes as well as cakes for corporate & private parties, birthdays, etc. & it really is worth taking a detour to her site to see her gorgeous work (be sure to check out her Pink Princess cake here:



Wedding Met , beggining of month tally: 18!


Yes -18! World wide internet domination is but a mere 100's of advertising wedding suppliers away!