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Though fashion & costumes inspire me, they are not my main inspirations. My main inspiration is women themselves & my work evolves around the shape of women & how they would want to feel - words like 'passion', 'lust', 'elegance', 'desire' & 'beauty' set the tone for my work. When I design, my inspiration comes from sets of feelings, emotions & atmospheres that I create in my head - for example, when designing my Ice Queen gown I was focusing on the idea of cold & ice, glass, transparency & windswept snowy spaces - from these ideas texture seemed to play an important roll in the final design which in the end incorporated, crushed velvet, feathers, chiffon & Swarovski crystals. I imagined the type of woman that was an 'Ice Queen' & thought of imagery inspired by concepts like 'diva', 'elegance', 'ethereal' & 'distant', all these ideas came together to create a beautiful, aloof, snowy ice sculpture of a woman from which I created a design. Films, photography & places are all big influences in my work - Venice is the most inspirational place I know with it's combination of decaying decadent palazzos & squares & dreamy atmosphere. Films can also provide me with exiting sets of emotions, atmosphere & imagery e.g. Moulin Rouge, the Can Can scene is fantastic. Other favorites from this point of view include My Fair Lady, Romeo & Juliet & Bram Stoker's Dracula.

I love architecture - from St. Marks Square in Venice to the Casa Batillo in Barcelona, pre-Raphaelite art & Art Nouveau, strong fashion photography & Gothic inspired design, textures, unusual colours & interesting fabrics. I admire clever, thoughtful design of all kinds &, of course, appreciate beautiful gowns & costumes.


Chantal Mallett's Guide to Design Inspiration

Mood Board: Costumes from Shakespeare In Love, Elizabeth & The Honest Courtesan (Dangerous Beauty). Inspiration can come from the fluted, richly coloured petal of a flower or elaborate, gilded decoration on a building as well as from strong imagery in magazines & books.



Georgian (1714-1811)


Regency (1812-1830)
The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen (Uma Thurman),
The Affair of the Necklace (Hillary Swank),
Amadeus (Tom Hulce),
Aristocrats (Geraldine Summervile),
The Clandestine Marriage (Natasha Little),
Dangerous Liasons (Glen Close),
The Fortunes & Misfortunes of Moll Flanders (Alex Kingston),
Frankenstein (Helena Bonham Carter),
Tom Jones (Albert Finey)
Interview with a Vampire (Brad Pitt),
Jefferson in Paris (Gretta Scatchi),
Last of the Mohicans (Madeleine Stowe),
The Madness of King George (Helen Miram),
Napolean (Isabella Rossellini),
Plunkett & Macleane (Liv Tyler),
Quills (Kate Winslet),
Rob Roy (Liam Neeson),
The Scarlet Pimpernel (Jane Seymour),
Sleepy Hollow (Miranda Richardson),
The Slipper & the Rose / Cinderella (Gemma Craven).

The Count of Monte Cristo (Guy Pearce),
Emma (Gwyneth Paltrow),
Imortal Beloved (Gary Oldman),
Mansfield Park (Frances O'Connor), 
Pride & Prejudice (Jennifer Ehle),
Sense & Sensibility (Kate Winslet),
Vanity Fair (Natasha Little),
Wuthering Heights (Juliette Binoche).