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The thought of having a unique design created for you can be both exhilarating & daunting. You, no doubt, will have ideas about the design of your gown & themes you may like to include in your wedding plans, but often people can have difficulty bringing their ideas together or find it difficult to articulate them to others.
It could be that you cannot see how your love of a particular film, European city, artist, design era, culture, etc. can be incorporated successfully into your wedding gown design. It is, however,
always worth telling your designer about your tastes, for example if you love Paris I would want to know more - is it the elegant architecture, mood of the city or the way it appeared in a certain film which you love?

However simple or extravagant you intend for your design to be, you may need a little inspiration....


Chantal Mallett's Guide to Design Inspiration

Mood Board: Costumes from: Bram Stoker's Dracula, Sleepy Hollow & Moulin Rouge. Inspiration for design, colour schemes, textures etc. can also come from other cultures & nature.

If you are not sure where to start, I have put together mood boards to help guide you through the many sources of inspiration available to you.

On the following pages I will provide you with lists of great films, organised into eras & tell you what inspires my work.

I urge you to make your own lists & once you have made sense of what you like & want to include you will find working with a designer like myself, who will take on board your ideas & come up with a wonderfully original way of working them into a completely new & fresh design, a very exiting adventure with a wonderful end result.

And remember, if your ideas do not make sense to you- don't worry, that's where I come in.
*Since this page was first written in 2004 a lot of useful tools like wedding blogs with inspiration boards & styled shoots, website based palette generators, photo sharing sites, etc. have become available. These are some of the sites you may find useful:
Great colour inspiration:  .
Pull your ideas together:
Make your own mood boards: 


Chantal Mallett's Guide to Design Inspiration

Mood Board: Costumes from Gangs of New York, Wild Wild West, Moulin Rouge & Merlin. 

Look to films for inspiration on colours, mood & broader themes for venue decorations etc. Inspiration can also be sourced from more unlikely sources for example Mendi - an Asian skin decoration art form, which can look lacework on the skin.