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You will notice a copyright symbol appears in many of the photographs in the 'Gowns', 'Accessories' & 'Real Brides' portfolios on this web site.

Chantal Mallett would like all visitors to her site to enjoy their visit & be able to use this site as if viewing a printed brochure. To this end the photographs on this site are high resolution & show each gown & accessory in detail, just as they would appear in a printed brochure.

Unfortunately not all visitors who use this site come with the intention of merely viewing the designs. Some members of the public & unscrupulous designers, dressmakers, seamstresses, head-dress makers etc. visit the site with a view to copying Chantal Mallett's work e.g. printing off or copying the photographs in order to create or commission copies of Chantal Mallett's work.

The information below is for those visitors to whom the above paragraph applies & for anyone who would like to know more about copyright law.

Copying someone else's designs infringes copyright law - it is illegal to commission a copy or for a designer, dressmaker, seamstress, costume designer/maker, jeweler, costume jewelery/head-dress maker etc. to agree to copy a design. Chantal Mallett has placed her copyright symbol on photographs of her designs as a reminder to those people who would take photographs from this site with a view to copying the designs & the symbol relays a clear message to anyone who is asked to create a copy from these photographs that the designs are copyrighted to Chantal Mallett.

Please respect copyright law & the designers who's work you admire.

Thank you.


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